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Realestate Lot Layout Plan Realestate Site Plan
Realestate Development Standards

WRITTEN COMMITMENTS Written Commitments are particular agreements made between the City and the applicant during the development approval process.

Commitment 1: The developer will create covenants for Intelliplex that shall, at a minimum, (1) create an architectural control committee and standards for its use in reviewing proposed developments on each lot and (2) provide for the control and maintenance of drainage facilities and other non-public infrastructure elements that serve more than one lot in the development.

Commitment 2: The intersection of State Road 9 and Intelliplex Drive shall be designed and constructed for future signalization.

Commitment 3: Maintenance access will be provided to both Bassett Ditch and to the sanitary sewer easement adjacent to Bassett Ditch. If pedestrian paths are used for this access, they will be designed to sustain the weight of, and provide feasible access for, the appropriate maintenance vehicles and equipment.

Commitment 4: There shall be only one curb cut on the section of Bassett Road between Intelliplex Drive and Trotter’s Chase Subdivision.
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