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Accessory Use: A use which is subordinate to a primary use in area, intent, and/or purpose; contributes to the comfort, convenience, or necessity of occupants of the primary use; does not alter or change the character of the property; and is located on the same lot as the primary use.

Administrative Office: An office establishment primarily engaged in overall management and general supervisory
functions, such as executive, personnel, finance, legal, and sales activities.

Antique Shop: Any premises used for the sale or trading of articles of which 80 percent or more are over 50 years old or have collectible value. Antique shop does not include “flea market” (see Flea Market).

Assembly/Banquet Hall: A building or portion of a building in which facilities are provided for group civic, educational, political, professional, religious, cultural, or social functions.

Assisted Living Facility : A facility providing services that assist residents with daily activities, such as dressing, grooming, bathing, etc. An assisted living facility may accommodate persons with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities.

Athletic Field: A wide stretch of open land used for outdoor games such as baseball, basketball, football, or soccer.


Bakery (retail): An establishment primarily engaged in the retail sale of baked products for consumption either on or offsite. The products may either be prepared on or off-site.

Bank: A facility for the custody, loan, or exchange of products, typically money. Also included is the extension of credit and facilitating the transmission of funds.

Beauty/Barber Shop: Any commercial establishment where cosmetology is offered or practiced on a regular basis for compensation.

Bookstore/News Dealer: A retail establishment that, as its primary business, engages in the sale, rental, or other chargefor-use of books, magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, postcards, videotapes, computer software and/or any other printed or electronically conveyed media.


Child Care Institution: As defined by IC 12-7-2-29 (A) a residential facility that provides child care on a 24 hour basis for more than 10 children; or (B) a residential facility with a capacity of not more than 10 children that does not meet the residential structure requirements of a group home; or (C) a facility that operates under a license issued under IC 12-17.4; adopted under IC 4-22-2 by the Indiana Division of Family and Children.

City: The City of Shelbyville, Indiana.

Clinic: A facility in which human patients are admitted for medical or dental study or treatment on an out-patient only basis, and in which the services of at least two physicians or dentists are provided.

Community Center: A meeting place where people in the same community and their guests may carry on cultural,
recreational, or social activities.

Communications Service Exchange: A telecommunications facility that houses one or more computer systems and related equipment dedicated to building, maintaining, and/or processing data. Such a facility would include a telephone service exchange, a data center, and a server farm.

Convenience Store: A small retail establishment that offers for sale a limited line of groceries, convenience goods, tobacco products, periodicals, and other household products.


Data Processing Center Facilities where electronic data is processed by employees, including data entry storage,
conversion, or analysis; subscription and credit card transaction processing; telephone sales and order collection; mail order and catalogue sales; and mailing list processing. Such a facility would include accessory telecommunication equipment.

Day Care Center: A business operated by a person, society, agency, corporation, institution, or any other group for the purpose of providing care, protection, and guidance during only part of a 24-hour day. This term includes nursery schools, preschools, elder-care establishments, and other similar facilities including educational facilities and those offering care for a full 24-hour period.

Detention Area: An area that is designed to capture specific quantities of stormwater and to gradually release the
stormwater at a sufficiently slow rate to avert flooding. Distribution Facility: A use where goods are received and/or stored for delivery to the final consumer at remote locations.

District: An area with common social, physical, economic, or land use characteristics. Drive-thru Service: An opening or openings in the wall of a building or structure designed and intended to be used to provide for sales and/or service to patrons, who remain in their vehicles, products which are used or consumer off-site.



Financial Institution: Any establishment wherein the primary use is concerned with such federal or state-regulated
business as banking, savings and loans, loan companies, and investment companies.

Fitness Center: A place or building where passive or active exercises and related activities are performed for the purpose of physical fitness, improved circulation or flexibility, and/or weight control.

Flea Market: An occasional or periodic market held in an open area or structure where goods are offered for sale to the general public by individual sellers from open or semi open facilities or temporary structures.

Flower Shop: Retail business whose principle activity is the selling of plants which are not grown on site, conducting
business in an enclosed facility.


Garden Shop: A place of business where retail and wholesale products and produce are sold to the consumer. The shop may include a nursery and/or greenhouse, may import items to be sold, and may include plants, nursery products and stock, potting soil, hardware, power equipment and machinery, hoes, rakes, shovels, and other garden and farm variety tools and utensils.

Gas Station: Any building, structure, or area of land used for the retail sale of automobile fuels, oils, and accessories, without any repair service.

Greenhouse: A building or structure constructed primarily of translucent materials that is devoted to the protection or cultivation of flowers and other tender plants.

Greenhouse, Commercial: A building used for the growing of plants, all or some of which are sold at retail or wholesale either on or of-site.


Helipad: An area used for the landing and take-off of helicopters, including any structures, buildings, and equipment associated with that use.

An institution where sick or injured persons are given medical care and, during the course of that treatment, are housed overnight, fed, and provided nursing and related services. Related services include diagnostic facilities, clinics, professional offices, laboratories, incinerators, power generation facilities, telecommunications facilities, water treatment facilities, hospices, outpatient facilities, treatment facilities, and training facilities. Hospital does include institutions operating for the treatment of insane persons and persons suffering addictions, but does not include nursing homes, retirement facilities, shelters, or boarding houses.

A building in which lodging is provided and offered to the public for compensation, and in which egress and ingress from all rooms is made through an inside lobby or office.





Land Use: The occupation or use of land for any human activity or purpose.

Life Sciences: A branch of scientific and technological research, development, manufacturing, and professional practice that includes the fields of health care, physical fitness, nutrition, electronics, data transmission, biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and related endeavors. Life sciences facilities include research, product development, warehousing, assembly, packaging, light manufacturing, and/or distribution.


Motel: An establishment consisting of a group of attached or detached living or sleeping accommodations with bathroom and closet space, located on a single zoning lot, and designed for use by transient automobile tourists. A motel furnishes customary services such as maid service and laundering of linen, telephone, secretarial, or desk service, and the use and upkeep of furniture. See also Hotel.


Nursing Home: A private home for the 24-hour per day care of the aged, infirm, or any other person in need of nursing care that does not contain equipment for surgical care or for treatment of disease or significant injury, and is not primarily designed for mental patients or alcoholics. Nursing homes may include accessory facilities for the developmentally disabled and/or mentally ill. Nursing home does include physical therapy facilities used in an on-going basis for the rehabilitation of patients.


Open Space: An area of land not covered by structures or accessory uses except for those related to recreation. Open space may include nature areas; stormwater management facilities; landscape screening; streams and flood plains; meadows or open fields containing baseball, football, and soccer fields, golf courses, swimming pools, bicycle paths, etc. Open space does not include street rights-of-way, platted lot area, or land scheduled for future development.


Parking Lot: An open off-street area to be used for the storage of motor vehicles for limited periods of time. A parking lot includes all parking spaces, interior drives, and maneuvering areas.

Pet Shop: A retail sales facility primarily involved in the sale of domestic animals, such as cats, dogs, fish, birds, and reptiles as well as domestic pet accessories. A pet shop does not include the retail sale of exotic or farm animals.

Pharmacy: A place where drugs and medicines are prepared and dispensed. Pharmacy also includes the incidental retail sale of medical accessories and convenience goods and services.

Professional Office: An office used by members of a recognized profession such as architects, artists, dentists, engineers,lawyers, musicians, physicians, surgeons or pharmacists, Realtors or insurance agents and brokers.



Research and Development Facility: A structure or group of structures used primarily for applied and developmental research where product testing is an integral part of the operation and goods or products used in the testing may be manufactured and stored. Research and development facilities include such accessory uses as warehousing, distribution, packaging, assembly, and light manufacturing. This use may also include greenhouses, water treatment facilities, telecommunications facilities, and power generation facilities.

Restaurant: A structure in which the principal use is the preparation and sale of food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages).

Retail Uses: Commercial enterprises that provide goods and/or services directly to the consumer, where such goods are available for immediate purchase and removal from the business.

Retirement Facility: A residential complex containing multi -family dwellings designed for and occupied by senior citizens.Such facilities may include common gathering and dining facilities, but exclude nursing care.

Retreat Center: A facility used for professional, educational, or religious meetings, conferences, or seminars that provides meals, housing, and recreation for participants during the period of the retreat or program.



Tanning Facility: Any business that provides a service using artificial lighting systems to produce a tan on a person's body,including the incidental sale of tanning products.

Technology: Tools, devices, and other innovations. This primarily includes, but is not limited to, electronic innovations, such as data exchange, computers, and electronics.

Telecommunications, Wireless Facility: A facility that transmits and/or receives electromagnetic signals, including a telecommunications antenna, its support structure or tower, accessory buildings, parking areas, fences and other security barriers, landscape screening, and other uses associated with and incidental to telecommunication.

Temporary Use/Structure: see Use, Temporary

Tower: A ground pole, spire, structure, or combination thereof including supporting lines, cables, wires, braces, and masts intended primarily for the purpose of mounting an antenna, a meteorological device, or other similar apparatus above ground.

Trade or Business School: A specialized instructional establishment that provides on-site training of business, commercial, and/or trade skills such as accounting, data processing, and computer repair. Includes vocational schools and career centers.


Use: The purposes of which land, building, or structure thereon is designed, arranged, or intended, or for which it is occupied, maintained, let, or leased.

Use, Permitted: Any use listed as such on the "Intelliplex Table of Permitted Land Uses" or which is an accessory or temporary use associated with a permitted use for the area in which it is located.

Use, Primary: The main use of land or structures as distinguished from an accessory use.

Use, Temporary: A land use or structure established for a limited and fixed period of time with the intent to discontinue such use or structure upon the expiration of the time period.



Warehouse: A facility for the storage, wholesale, and distribution of manufactured products, supplies, and equipment.

Wireless Telecommunications Facility: see Telecommunications, Wireless Facility

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