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Realestate Development Standards

Table of Permitted Land Uses (June 11, 2002)

Intelliplex Land Use Districts:
NS - Neighborhood Services
GB - General Business
MC - Medical Campus
OS - Open Space

Land Use
District NS GB MC OS

Residential Uses
assisted living facility   P P  
retirement facility   P P  
nursing home   P P  

Institutional/Public Uses
community center P P P  
day-care center P P P  
child care institution   P P  
hospital/medical center and/or clinic P P P  
government office P P P  
police/fire/rescue station P P P  
post office P P P  
library P P    
museum P P    
parking lot or garage P P P  
trade or business school P P P  
university or college P P P  

Communications/Utilities Uses
utility substation/transmission line P P P  
communications service exchange   P P  
water tower P P P  

Park Uses
nature preserve/center P P P P
athletic fields/courts/areas P P P P
park/playgrounds P P P P

Commercial Uses - Recreational
restaurant P      
assembly/banquet hall P P P  

Commercial Uses - Professional Services
retreat center p p p  
conference center P P P  
hotel P P    
bank/financial institution P P P  
administrative and/or professional offices P P P  
veterinary office/animal clinic (excluding outdoor kennels) P P P  
medical and/or dental offices P P P  
business/financial services office P P P  
secretarial/employment service P P P  
radio/TV station P P P  
print shop/copy center P P P  
travel agency P P P  

Commercial Uses - Personal Services
tanning facility P      
beauty/barber shop P      
dry cleaners (retail) P      
photographic studio P      
self-service laundry P      
shoe repair shop P      
tailor and pressing shop P      
dance or martial arts studio P P    
fitness center P P P  
gymnastics center P P    

Commercial Uses - Retail
video store P      
art or photo studio/gallery P P    
bakery (retail) P      
delicatessen P      
electronics shop P      
flower shop P      
gift shop P      
bookstore/news dealer P      
stationary shop P      
ice cream shop P      
craft/fabric shop P      
convenience store (without gas station) P      
convenience store (without gas station) P      
music/instrument shop P      
apparel/footwear store P      
sporting goods shop P      
pharmacy P      
garden shop P      
jewelry store P      
meat market P      
pet shop P      
variety store P      
antique shop P      
office supply store; P      

Industrial Uses
data processing center P P P  
printing/publishing facility   P    
life sciences and/or technology research & development facility   P P  
life sciences and/or technology warehouse   P    
life sciences and/or technology distribution facility   P    
life sciences and/or technology packaging facility   P    
life sciences and/or technology assembly facility   P    
life sciences and/or technology light manufacturing facility   P    
Fusion of Life+Science

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