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Existing Conditions Summary

Natural Features:
Currently the site is primarily comprised of open fields. The topography is relatively flat, with the lowest point being Bassett Ditch. Bassett Ditch is a riparian corridor that bisects the northwest corner of the site. Drainage on site generally flows toward Bassett Ditch. On site there are several trees of significant size and two wooded areas. Near the Northwest corner of the site, there are 7 trees that measure 8” DCH or greater. Along the east boundary of the site, adjacent to Trotter’s Chase, there is a wooded area. There is also a smaller wooded area south of Trotters Chase, in close proximity to the Fellowship Baptist Church of Shelby County parcel.

There are several easements to note on site. A 200’ electric line easement runs near the southern border of the site. Waterline easements can be found along the northwest border, along the I-74 right-of-way, and along the current Shelbyville limits. Sanitary sewer easements run adjacent to the site along the State Road 9 and Bassett Road rights-of-way. There is also a storm water outlet that serves Trotter’s Chase Subdivision along Basset Road.

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